Our Infrastructure

Xylos Arteriors India Pvt. Ltd. is supported by world class technology and immeasurable passion. Our parent company, Samling Global Ltd. is equipped with more than 50 years of experience, and is also aligned with vast resources and interests around the globe. All products have been obtained, manufactured and distributed by Samling Global Ltd. and its subsidiaries.

Forest Resources
Samling Global Ltd. has an international footprint with forest resources. From China and Indonesia to Brazil, our forest resources are vast. Apart from forest resources, we also have vast Bamboo plantations. Bamboo grows faster than trees, enabling us to meet the global demand and remain Eco-friendly simultaneously. With such vast resources comes great responsibility. Hence, we have sustained our resources for the development of our enterprises and the planet as a whole.

Our wooden flooring is manufactured by Elegant Living China. This manufacturing unit is one of the most technologically advanced unit in the world. With almost 2,400 employees, this unit has a production capacity of almost 28 million Sq.mts every year. The Samling Elegant Living Group also supplies materials to flooring giants like Mannington USA, Pergo USA and Tarkett USA. These factors provide us with the luxuries of timeliness and customization as per our customer's needs.

Distribution Our distribution networks span throughout the globe. With over 70 companies across the planet, we have established a dependable and efficient distribution network. In India, we have employed trained professionals with an average experience of 8 years in this industry. Our warehouses are based in strategic regions to provide logistical support to the entire country in a timely fashion. Our warehouses have optimally been stocked with all materials needed to ensure this support.

The professionals here follow strict quality control procedures and are specifically trained to do so. Such enormous resources and dedicated employees have helped us attain a trustworthy and strong reputation in the industry.