Green Elements

Enriched by subtle grains and a choice of homely colors, The Green Elements, is a range of smart bamboo wooden flooring. This wood is sourced from Bamboo, making it friendlier towards nature due to its easy and fast sustainability without compromising on strength.

  • Carbonised
    The best raw materials combined with the latest technology go on to make, the Carbonized wooden flooring. Its high scratch resistance, makes sure that your floor remains new for the years to come.
  • CarbonisedHandpaintedBlack
    The Carbonized Hand painted Black flooring is beautifully and perfectly sculpted, making it scratch resistant. It is it’s this quality that makes it lasts long.
  • Merlot
    The deep rich color of the Merlot bamboo flooring ensures a regal look which remains that way due to high quality standards and impeccable technology employed by us.
  • GoldenWheat
    The light and lively shade of the Golden Wheat bamboo flooring is sure to give a distinct and traditional look to your room. Being scratch resistant, makes sure that your room stays as new as today for the years to come.
  • DarkWalnut
    To give your room a deep yet distinct personality of its own, the Dark Walnut Bamboo flooring serves as the perfect choice. Dignified yet warm, this wood is sure to give your room a tasteful character.