Earthly Elements

The Industry's leading innovator brings to you the perfect, revolutionary hardwood flooring in The Earthly Elements collection. Pursue your artistic designs without hindrance with our squares, rectangles, and standard wood planks. Now give a unique personality to your flooring.

  • WalnutMissouriRiver
    This type of walnut hails from the thundering missouri river. Its cascading patterns are defined and have a fluidity to it. Its rich chocolate color will surely enhance the look of your room.
  • Pearl
    It is a exquisite oak which has a layered grain pattern and has the color of a rare pearl. It is the perfect match for a lively yet subtle room.
  • Elm
    The deciduous nature of this wood gives it a unique milky pattern over its rich brown background. This type of wood is sourced from Indonesia and the region of central Asia.
  • Earth
    This is a type of walnut which is famed for its subtle grains with a dark brown color. It is sure to give your room a personality yet keeping it simple and welcoming.
  • TimesSquare
    This is a trendy type of wood with concentric ellipses forming over its face. Its grain is very defined and textured. This coffee colored wood is sure to give a deeper meaning to your room.
  • Ember
    The grains of this wood will actually remind you of a subtle, warm flame. It is accentuated by natural grooves, giving it a pleasing texture. This wood is perfect for a lively room resonating a warm touch.
  • Ebony
    This dense wood is a symbol of art and beauty. Its rich black color gives an enormous masculine emotion to the room. This wood would make sure your room is regal and tasteful at the same time.